ECFS Embarks on Signage Project by rem gum

Excerpt from ECFS news:

To make the school more welcoming and navigable for new members of the community and visitors, ECFS is in the process of installing new signage—including exterior and interior wayfinding signs, room labels and IDs, and mandatory egress, stair, and safety signs—on both campuses. The project, underwritten by an anonymous donor, is nearing completion at Ethical Culture, where the new signage system can be found in places such as the lobby and elevator.

On the Fieldston campus, about 15 major wayfinding signs, directing visitors to buildings and major venues, will be installed outdoors over the next few months. This will be followed by the installation of interior wayfinding signs and, finally, room labels and compliance signage. “We are hoping to make significant progress so that prospective students and their families who visit campus in the fall can find their way around,” said Evin Lederman, Fieldston’s director of facilities.

Carl Smith, director of the Fieldston Design Center, worked with Rion Byrd-Gumus of Gumus Design Group and school architect Paul Buck to develop a signage system that builds on the work of Pentagram and Chermayeff & Geismar, design firms that ECFS has worked with in the past. The current signage system incorporates the school colors of blue and orange, as well as easy-to-read fonts and clean-lined visuals.,32